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The DrugAnalyst Global

THE definitive guide for investors in the Pharma sector.
Our 450 page workbook is published quarterly following earnings reports and sets out up-to-date market expectations for the coming quarter.

Provides an extensive top-down analysis of the global Pharma sector from macro trends to regional catalysts, therapeutic class developments to individual drugs, and of course a detailed review of each company looking at numbers to newsflow, pipeline development to valuation, the risks and catalysts.

We take on most up-to-date forecasts, look at the changes and trends, the deliverability, and the risks surrounding delivery.

DRUGANALYST Clients receive both physical Globals and access to the digital Global online.

Brutally honest, truly independent analysis.
You need to read this before investing in the Pharma sector.

DrugAnalyst is the leading independent Pharmaceuticals Equity Research provider

  • Global healthcare stock coverage and a database containing 10-years of drug sales forecasts
  • Drug sales forecasts are refreshed on a daily basis
  • The entire database is published once a quarter within our subscription only Global Pharma Workbook
  • Bespoke consensus can be processed based on your own research feeds

DrugAnalyst for Professional Investors

DRUGANALYST is a truly independent Equity Research firm created for Professional Investors


We produce what are generally considered to be the best numbers in the business. Our numbers are timely, up to date, accurate and consistent. We have forecasts on individual drug sales and P&L lines going back up to 15 years, calculated from more than 3.2 million of our individual inputs. It is the biggest forecast database in the universe.

Our proprietary numbers form the basis of our BUY/SELL calls


And yet, no man is an island. It is vital we think for you to be able to track a consensus forecast. Post MiFID rules, this will get harder given your lawyers and your Compliance believe that you cannot have a consensus without owning the rights to the underlying data that make it. Getting this is going to be much harder.

In response, we offer to process your purchased research feeds into a bespoke consensus just for you. This will be loaded daily into your online login. By this means you can still track your personal consensus using our established methodology, and continue to receive timely quarterly expectations too. This is entirely bespoke for you, it uses only your select research feeds. Information so shared is guaranteed secure, it is not used elsewhere, and not for any other purpose.


The online forecast Database provides access to the most up-to-date numbers and lets you look at how market expectations are changing over time. Compare companies, drugs, pipeline development, results, valuation, discussion and more.

We have reported full-year and quarterly numbers for drug sales and P&L lines going back to 2000 as well as five-year forecasts. Excel and PDF downloads available.


Why not use our forecast numbers in your models?

It's easy to consume our data by API, FTP drop or Excel Plugin. Access 2.2 million data points for 2,500 individual drugs and P&L lines with up to 15 years of historical data, reported numbers, and five-year forward forecasts.


We keep you on top of newsflow with our one-stop daily view of the sector. Coverage of all the major newsflow and what we're Thinking and Doing (T&Ds), in our signature independent style.

Some say it’s the only email you need to read!



Ahead of earnings reports our Pickers set out market expectations, catalysts and what we're looking for.


Our initial take on results. The beats, misses and critically, what drove it. Delivered shortly after the earnings release.


An extensive breakdown of results following the telecon. Analysis of the numbers, newsflow, pipeline, guidance, risks to numbers, valuation and our BUY / SELL call.


Paying for DRUGANALYST is easy. Cheques, cash, CSA’s whatever. There is no notice period to our contracts, you only pay as long as you want to, and should you cancel you owe us nothing after that date.

The global BUY/SELL product is priced at a minimum fee of $60,000 p.a. for US clients, €50,000 for Europe, and in the UK we have a 2-tier system where you start at a £40,000 minimum for year one, but we raise this to £50,000 in year 2 and beyond - once you start seeing the world this way you can’t ever go back. These rates are normally valid for individual users, larger investment teams wanting multiple logons pay a modest premium. New startups can negotiate further discounts, we were all startups once…

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We grant permission to quote the drug sales forecasts from this site provided they are accredited to: “DrugAnalyst - https://druganalyst.com/”